Ideas with IMPACT

Adapter Application

A teacher wishing to apply for an Adapter Grant chooses one of the curriculum ideas profiled in the Ideas with IMPACT catalogs (published each year since 1990) and creatively modifies it to their own classroom. 
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Application Deadline for 2022-23 School Year:  CLOSED  

Adapter Grants range from $150 to $450. 要申请,你必须在提交申请前联系提出这个想法的老师. Contact can be made by attending a workshop given by the Disseminator, communicating via e-mail or telephone, by visiting the Disseminator in their classroom, or by having the Disseminator visit your classroom - via Zoom, Teams or other digital platform. If you cannot reach the Disseminator, please submit your application adding a note that you were unable to contact the teacher. 

在过去三年内至少参加过一次创意博览会的申请者优先考虑, but all are encouraged to apply!

Project funds must be spent within the current school year or an extension must be requested. A final report and expense form with receipts are required. 

For more information, contact:
Audrey Onyeike, Program Director, Ideas with IMPACT

General Information
First Name
Last Name
School Name
School Address
Zip Code
School Phone
Home Address
Zip Code
Project Information
Title of project (as it appears in the Ideas with IMPACT catalog) that you wish to adapt:
Catalog Year
Name of Project Disseminator(s)
在批准赠款之前,您需要与您想要调整的项目的传播者取得联系. Indicate how you made contact.
Implementation Information
How many students are involved in your adaptation?
Grade level of participating students
Ethnic Distribution of Students
% Black
% White
% Hispanic
% Other
Achievement levels of students
How will the project help low-performing students in your classroom?
What is the educational need for this project in your class?
How will you implement the project and integrate it with your curriculum? What changes will be made from the original project ideas? Will you be adapting the project to fit with a current theme or event?
May IMPACT staff visit your classroom with prior approval?
Are you willing to help the Disseminator network this idea?
Budget Information
What items are needed to adapt this project to the class? Be specific. For each item, list the item description, the cost, and the source of funds (this grant, school funds, other).
Total Funds Requested
Community and School Resources
What other persons, if any, will be involved in implementing this project? (e.g. 教师、专家、图书馆媒体专家、辅助专业人员、家长、其他志愿者)
What other resources does your school have to assist in adapting this project? (e.g. library materials, equipment, instructional materials, community agencies)?
Administrative Support
Does your principal support implementation of this project?